Being Everywhere in the Dealership at Once

"As a Car Dealer, if you could be everywhere and inspect everything that is going on in your dealerships, your employees would know exactly what to do to exceed your expectations..."
Let me tell you how we do that:

You know what made your business successful. It is important to the continued success of your business for you to pass that information on to your team. It has been proven that continuous input is the most effective way to develop a successful team. The problem has always been finding the time.

We have the solution for you. It is called Real-Time Inquiry™.

It is time to let automated Real-Time Inquiry™ be everywhere so you don't have to.

We understand dealership operations and accounting and how to troubleshoot areas of poor performance. After identifying these areas we will implement selected Real-Time Inquiries™.

Real-Time Inquiries™ drive your employees to stay on top of problem areas.

If your team knows you will be notified of problems, they will stop or be reduced significantly. Guaranteed.

This is a custom solution; we take into account how you operate, and what you need to take your dealership to the next level in terms of process, profitability, and growth.

Some examples of Real-Time Inquiries (RTI)™ include:
  • Pay Raises

    Get an alert whenever anyone gets a raise, spiff, or a bonus. How many times has a manager over-spent on spiffs and bonuses?

    If they know you will be notified, they will reduce spiffs and bonuses significantly.

    Even more concerning is an office person making changes to an employee's compensation without management approval or the proper paperwork.

  • Email Addresses

    Email addresses are extremely important for marketing purposes. A Service Advisor that does not get an email address initially will receive a reminder text or email before the end of the day prompting them to get the email address when the customer picks up their car.

  • Over-age Inventory

    Your managers should get an email when used vehicles approach the 45 day mark with instruction from the dealer or GM on what they want done with it. For example, the Real-Time Inquiry™ could say:

    "Must retail this weekend - Up front, window paint with $500 spiff. Every customer gets a walk-around."

  • Open Repair Orders

    All concerned should get a Real-Time Inquiry™ via email listing all open ROs over a certain age by Service Advisor asking them to please close and collect.

  • Flooring Payments

    When a delivered deal event is recorded in the DMS, usually by the Desk or F&I, the clock starts on a Real-Time Inquiry (RTI)™. The RTI™ watches for a cash receipt and a flooring payment within the flooring lender's terms.

Any area of poor performance or excessive risk can be monitored and directed via Real-Time Inquiry™. In addition, you will:
  • Improve Competitive Advantage

    Implementing Real-Time Inquiries™ will save enormous amounts of management's time. This is a huge competitive advantage because your largest expense category is most likely personnel.

    By saving time you will lower your personnel costs and your break-even point. This means you can sell your cars for less than your competitors and still make the gross you need to achieve your bottom line goals.

  • Improve Profits

    Real-Time Inquiry™ will allow the dealer to coach their employees in a timely manner which, when sales transactions are involved, will improve gross profits and closing ratios.

    All of the tried and true operating practices, if done diligently, will improve profits and here are a few examples where Real-Time Inquiry™ can help:

    • Follow-up phone calls (making sure they are done and monitoring appointment ratios),
    • Selling recommended service (improving closing ratios in Service),
    • Expense review (making sure everyone is aware of everything charged to problem expense accounts),
    • Tech efficiency tracking (ranking employees improves everyone, even the guy on the bottom),
    • Salesperson performance ranking, and
    • Contests and incentives to employees.
  • The sky is the limit. By inquiring about questionable transactions or problems, your employees will improve and you will see a positive impact on your profits.

    Our team of car guys and developers will implement Real-Time Inquiries™ to address all of your concerns. You will find this system affordable and it will save you money in the long run.

    We have the knowledge of your DMS data model and those of other dealership systems, such as CRM and Call Manager.

    This is the age of data and we have the solution to take advantage of it to improve your business.

It is time to capitalize on the ability to inquire quickly of the circumstances surrounding a failed transaction or poor result, or the failure to capitalize on an opportunity.

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